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Mobile Car Detailing, Washing and Cleaning

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What is Mobile Car Detailing, Washing and Cleaning?

What is mobile car detailing, is a question we get asked a lot by people looking for our services. The reason for this is because most people think simply washing a car is detailing. But let me assure you that our mobile car cleaning is far more than simply car washing.

Automobile detailing takes car washing to the next level and beyond. Mobile car detailers have a variety of tools, techniques equipment, and experience to clean parts of the car that you never thought could be cleaned. A “detail” means just that – every part of the car gets a thorough clean and a lot of time is spent getting the “details” perfect for the customer. Mobile car washers take their time, use precision, years of experience and professional methods, tools, and products to carefully clean a vehicle.

When I am asked I always like to give an example in real life terms of something similar. So image this. If you were going to paint your living room you have two options.

1. Paint it yourself. This usually means buying all the equipment, doing the work slowly and sometimes making a mess and the finished product is just OK.
2. Hire a professional who has all the right tools and equipment, experience and training to do the job faster and to a better quality.

Hiring someone to do the work for you also gives you your time back to focus on the more important things in your life like family and having fun!!

At Perth Hand Car Wash, you will find a dedicated team who take their responsibility seriously and offer the best services on mobile car detailing in Perth, Australia.

Our Mobile Car Cleaning Commitment

We are a mobile car detailing company whose main focus is on convenience and quality. Finding a reliable company that provides high-quality services can be difficult. That’s how we have earned our positive reputation over the years as the best company for mobile car detailing in Perth’s northern suburbs. Our team consists of professional detailers (who also happen to be keen car enthusiasts) who understand the value of maintaining a car properly.

At PHCW, we pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and attention-to-detail with every job we get. You can trust us to treat your car as our own! Whether we are preparing a car for resale or detailing a sports car, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the end result.

Our Mobile Car Detailing Van

Since we began over three years ago our mobile car washing van has also grown and evolved. We really are proud of our beautiful van. It has taken a lot of trial and error to make it exactly how we need it to be.

If you opt for the mobile car wash in Perth, our mobile car detailing professionals will come right to your doorstep bringing the car wash to you. We just need a tap and electrical connection to get set up on arrivals and that’s it. We have invested heavily in buying the best equipment for our mobile car detailers so that they can be faster and provide a better finished product for our customers. Here are some photos so you can see what I mean!

Our Mobile Auto Detailing Services