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Car Paint Protection

Does your car has swirl marks on its exterior? Want to clear these marks and get back the perfect finish? We can help you!

At PHCW, we provide premium car paint protection in Perth, Western Australia for both new and old vehicles. We understand our client’s concern for their vehicle, so we take care of every detail while we work on it.

With a team of experienced paint protection professionals, we offer long-term protection for car paint solutions over areas such as paint, leather, fabric, wheels, and glass. For this, we apply a range of treatments on your car’s surfaces with the use of approved applicators.

Protection For Car Paint Services – Key Benefits

Regular waxing and care services will protect your vehicle from the harmful environmental damage such as red dust, dirt, bird droppings and tree sap. It will also protects your car paintvehicle from ultraviolet rays as the coating can withstand temperatures as high as 400°C.

Other Paint Protection Benefits:

Our Car Paint Protection Products

We use high-quality ceramic paint protection products manufactured by renowned worldwide brands. Their car paint protection products, also known as car paint sealants, work as a  shield on your vehicle to prevent damage from the blemishes caused by harmful chemicals and scratches. They all are tried and tested for toughness and durability.

Our Clear Paint Protection For Cars Exclusive Features

Additional Paint Protection Extras For Each Option

If you are looking for car paint protection in Perth, feel free to contact us now on 0498 202 445. Our professionals will advise which car protection plan is the best according to your vehicle and requirements.