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Car Detailing in Perth

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Car Detailing Prices Perth

At PHCW, we specialize in providing top-quality car detailing at home services that will get any car- showroom ready! With years of collective car detailing experience and technical know-how, our master car detailers set the high standard of service in Perth’s car detailing industry and will do the best possible job for you. We provide car detailing in Perth’s northern suburbs.

We undertake each job meticulously and place emphasis on precision so your car detailing at home has a long-lasting, durable finish. Each car detail, whether it’s the upholstery, vehicle interior or the body of your car, is carried out using the finest products, ensuring your car detail looks the way it did when it first rolled out of the dealership.

With our innovative washing procedure, we clean and prepare the paint surface while preventing scratches due to cross contamination. This is made possible by using clean washing water and a top-quality pH neutral car wash concentrate. Moreover, our fine microfiber cloths are always cleaned before they are applied to your car.

The Quickee

The Quickee includes PH neutral pre soak, PH neutral lambs wool mitt wash using 2 bucket technique, spray suitable wheel cleaner on wheels with face of alloys washed, rinse, towel dry car and door jambs, tyres shined. The interior will get a quick vacuum, wipe down leather, plastics, clean windows inside and out.

1-2 hours are required to complete this basic car detailing package thoroughly based on $65 per hour plus GST.

The Refresher

The Refresher includes everything in the Quickee plus barrel of alloys washed, arches washed, arches dressed, door jambs cleaned, boot vacuum, clean all interior dash surfaces.

2-3 hours are required to complete intermediate car detailing package thoroughly based on $65 per hour plus GST.

The ultimate

The ultimate includes everything in the Quickee and the Refresher plus clay bar treatment to the exterior, hand polishing and hand waxing, blacken trims, petrol cap detailed, small chrome areas polished, exhaust tips polished, all glass polished, engine detail, deep clean all internal plastics and leather, clean roof lining, steam cleaning and shampoo all fabric seats and carpets

4-6 hours are required to completethis advabced car detailing package thoroughly based on $65 per hour plus GST.

Exterior Car Detailing At Home Services

Premium exterior car detailing products are used along with the latest automotive detailing equipment to preserve and enhance the appearance of any model and make. We can also use a car detailing polish or wax to add a stunning shine to your car and protect its paint from the harsh rays of the sun. If required, you can also take advantage of our mobile exterior car detailing in Perth.

Other Exterior Car Detailing Services We Can Perform

Paint Correction
Paint Protection
Metal and Chrome Polishing
Steam Cleaning & Santising
Engine Bay Detailing
Sticker Removal
Suncream Removal
Bore Water Stain Removal
Paintwork Oxidisation Removal
Red Dust Removal
$60 per hour
$30 per vehicle
$60 per hour
$60 per hour

Interior Car Detailing At Home Services

Our interior car detailing in Perth is the finest in the locality. We know how to work on all kinds of upholstery materials and surfaces, giving the interior of your car the makeover it deserves. Only premium interior cleaning products, including fine grade microfiber cloths and protectants, are used along with the latest automotive cleaning equipment to produce an interior that not only looks, but also feels and smells new.

Other Interior Car Detailing Services We Can Perform

Pet Hair Removal
Sand Removals
Kids Mess Removal
Upholstery Cleaning
Leather Cleaning and Protection
Ladies Make Up Removal
Vomit, Blood, Odor and Urine Removal
$60 per hour
$60 per hour
$60 per hour

If you are caught up with work or family obligations, we can come to you! Choose our mobile interior car detailing service, and our master car detailers will visit your location. However, if it’s more convenient for you, we can also handle the interior detailing of your car at your office or workplace.

So, are you looking for car detailing in Perth? Then, look no further than PHCW. Feel free to contact us now on 0498 202 445 to learn more about our car detailing services.