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Boat Detailing

While nothing really beats a boat trip with your closest friends and family members on a beautiful, sunny day, let’s face it – the amount of joy you experience while sailing on the waters is far more enjoyable than when you have to clean your boat or yacht after a day of fun and laughter.

Whether it’s cleaning all the trash, spilled drinks on the upholstery or you simply don’t like that mysterious sea grime to settle on your boat, a reliable and affordable boat detailing service is exactly what you need!

At PHCW, we come to you and make it look as good as new with our boat detailing in Perth. Our team of professional detailers is capable of detailing any boat, no matter the size, the make or the material.

Our Packages

Exterior Boat Detailing

Using the best technology and the right resources, we excel in exterior boat detailing – making your boat sparkle and shine on the outside.  Having your boat’s exterior detailed and polished, not only would you love the way your boat or yacht looks all the time, but will also enjoy your boat for several more years to come!

Our exterior boat detailing services include:

Interior Boat Detailing

If you want to ensure your boat or yacht last you for years, it’s important to keep its interior in an impeccable condition. This calls the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, and that’s exactly where our interior boat and yacht detailing comes into play:

Our interior boat detailing services include:

Complete Boat Detailing

Our comprehensive detailing takes care of your boat from inside and out. A complete detail job features both interior and exterior waxing, polish and the works.

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us now on 0498 202 445 to learn more about our boat detailing services.